Island Wide Tours

Welcome to Bermuda! Park Prestige Mini Bus Services is here to provide you with a unique experience.  


Together, let's deisgn your Island tour.  Just let the driver know what you are interested in and we will create a real taste of our island home.




Do you want to party on your Birthday, Hen Night, bachelor Party or just hang with friends? Book Your Party Bus Today!


We encourage people not to drink and drive, so of you are going to drink, please let us drive you!


You will be provided with a very friendly, knowledgeable and easygoing driver while enjoying a wide variety of your favorite music on our banging sound system.  


Upon request, we can also arrange a cooler with ice and beverages of your choice.






Whether you are a local group or a special group arriving in Bermuda, moving your students in a safe environment is a responsibility we take seriously.  


Contact us today for school trips, tours or regular contracts.